Jared Emerson-Johnson

I make music for video games.

Hi! I'm Jared Emerson-Johnson.

Since 2002 I've been the music man at Bay Area Sound—writing music, creating sound design, directing voiceover and acting in all sorts of games and occasionally in other media.

You may know me from my scores to the Walking Dead or Wolf Among Us series from Telltale Games, or perhaps you have found yourself here because of my more recent work on Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy, or Tales From The Borderlands.

Regardless of what initially brought you here, welcome! I hope I can provide you with whatever you're looking for—if not, please feel free to reach out and ask!

Poker Night at the Inventory

A cover of my own track? Why not? Poker Night at the Inventory was such an unexpected project, and it was really fun to reimagine the existing tunes (both my own and the ones from Strong Bad and TF2).

It was also great to lean on the redoubtable talents of Bill Storkson on the guitar and bass parts, Jesse Wickman on the drums, and Jordan Wardlaw on the saxes. I told them to groove, and groove they did.

What else can I say about this unusual and awesome project...? I don't know—what would you like to know about it?