Jared Emerson-Johnson

I make music for video games.

Hi! I'm Jared Emerson-Johnson.

Since 2002 I've been the music man at Bay Area Sound—writing music, creating sound design, directing voiceover and acting in all sorts of games and occasionally in other media.

You may know me from my scores to the Walking Dead or Wolf Among Us series from Telltale Games, or perhaps you have found yourself here because of my more recent work on Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy, or Tales From The Borderlands.

Regardless of what initially brought you here, welcome! I hope I can provide you with whatever you're looking for—if not, please feel free to reach out and ask!

Sam & Max Save the World: Moonscape

"To the moon!"

This piece was written for the exterior sequences on the moon in Sam & Max season 1, episode 6: Bright Side of the Moon. I remember deliberately branching out into some different, darker jazz sub-genres for this cue, to give it an otherworldly vibe. This was something I would do much more of in season 2 and especially in season 3 of Telltale Games' Sam & Max series.

Listening to it again after all these years, I think parts of Bernard Hermann's score to Taxi Driver were vague influences on this piece. Even if they weren't conscious reference points at the time, I can certainly hear the influence now, so why don't we say it was intentional, shall we?

This wraps up Sam & Max Season One's selections on The Vault. Tune in next week for a non-Telltale selection from my back catalog!