Jared Emerson-Johnson

I make music for video games.

Hi! I'm Jared Emerson-Johnson.

Since 2002 I've been the music man at Bay Area Sound—writing music, creating sound design, directing voiceover and acting in all sorts of games and occasionally in other media.

You may know me from my scores to the Walking Dead or Wolf Among Us series from Telltale Games, or perhaps you have found yourself here because of my more recent work on Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy, or Tales From The Borderlands.

Regardless of what initially brought you here, welcome! I hope I can provide you with whatever you're looking for—if not, please feel free to reach out and ask!

Sam & Max Beyond Space & Time: Ice Station Santa

It's almost as if I planned it. We've arrived at December 24th, and the next game in my back catalog is none other than Ice Station Santa—the debut episode of Sam & Max Season Two (Sam & Max Beyond Space & Time).

As a special treat for the holidays, I decided to feature not one, not two, but five tracks from this memorable game. I have extremely fond memories of working on this particular episode, probably because it was so big and eclectic, and offered a fun chance to revisit themes from the first season, and to create some new material for old characters (not to mention all of the demonic christmas-y music).

T.H.E.M. holds a special place in my heart—it was written for my good friend Michael Whitwell, who performed the trumpet parts in most of the first two seasons of Sam & Max games. He was fighting cancer throughout the duration of the season and unfortunately lost the battle shortly after production wrapped. I am so happy to have had the chance to work with him, and to write a special trumpet tune specifically for him in this episode.

I could go on all day about the music for this episode, and I will if anyone wants to hear it. If there is anything you'd like to ask me about this or any other game, feel free to comment in the news section of my site (there is an entry for this installment of The Vault), and I'll reply in as much depth as you desire.

Happy Chanukkah and Merry Christmas Eve everybody!